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Contact Us / FAQ

Please see the answers to these common questions before emailing us. Click on the plus symbol to the left of any question to expand the answer:
+   Can you mail me a physical paper catalog?

While we do not have a paper catalog at this time, users often print out the front page of our website which shows all our items. This can act as a paper catalog for easy reference.

You can also add your name to our newsletter list and you will receive occasional mailings from us relating to new items and promotions.

+   Do you sell rods, pins or fasteners?

We carry mosaic pins, but at this time we do not carry plain brass rods or other fasteners. Plain brass rod can often be purchased from local hardware stores fairly inexpensively.

All items that we carry are listed on the site.

+   Where are your knife blades made?

We are a U.S. business. We design our blades and have them custom made in our knife facility in Pakistan. They are hand-forged of the highest quality materials (1095 High Carbon, 15n20, D-2, 420 stainless).

+   What are the pin hole dimensions (or other dimensions) for an item?

As many of our blanks are hand-made, pin hole sizes are not listed because they can change from batch to batch. Please wait for your blank to arrive to determine the size of holes which are present in the actual item(s) that you receive. Our customer service representatives do not have access to the pinhole dimensions.

All known dimensions and measurements are stated on each item page. Due to high order volume we are not able to make individual measurement requests.

+   What type of steel are your stainless steel blanks made from?

Our stainless steel blanks are 420 steel with a HRC of about 56. They are already heat tempered.

420 is a general purpose stainless steel containing medium quantity of carbon.

It has good strength and reasonable impact resistant properties in both hardened and tempered conditions as compared to 440 grades.

It has good corrosion resistance qualities in mild atmosphere, domestic and industrial environments. It is resistant to ammonia, blood, carbonic acid, crude oil, detergent solutions, dilute nitric acid, fresh water, food acids, many petroleum products, steam and vinegar, etc.

It is also called "surgical steel" because it is being used in production of surgical instruments on large scale around the world due to its good corrosion resistance and its easy machining qualities. It is also being used in cutting tools like: Knifes, Daggers, Swords, Haircutting Scissors and Domestic Scissors. Its grinding is easy and it produces a fine, vivid and smooth, polished surface.

420 steel, due to its excellent harden-ability, is capable of getting hardened up to 56 HRC Rockwell or higher depending upon carbon contents / composition.

We also carry a line of Damascus, D-2 and 1095 (high carbon) steel blanks.

+   Do you carry something that is not listed on the site? Can you custom-make an item for me?

All items that we carry are listed on the site. If it's not shown then we are very sorry but it's not something we offer.

This also applies to different dimensions of items we carry. The items are only available in the dimensions listed. We are not able to customize or alter items.

+   Do you ship to my country? If not, how come?

We ship to the following countries only:

United States (Free shipping) (Includes Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska)
New Zealand

If the country is not listed above then we are sorry but we do not ship to it. This is based on the experience of lost packages or confiscated packages by Customs in those countries, and we feel it is unreliable for us to ship there.

+   Can I receive a discount for large orders?

To achieve a discount on items, we now offer many of our products in sets of 2 for a discounted price. You may order multiple "sets of 2" as well. Due to the high demand for our products, no other discounts are available at this time.

+   I am having trouble with the shopping cart/checkout process.

Advice that has worked for other customers in the past is to first try another web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer), and then if that doesn't work try an entirely different computer or touch screen phone. This has solved it in most cases.

Do not use a smart phone if you are experiencing problems during the checkout process.

If you are still having trouble after this, please contact PayPal as the shopping cart is run from their servers. (Click on the "call us" link on their page)

+   Can you provide me with help making my knife?

We would love to be able to help everyone out, but our customer service reps are able to help you with orders only.
We do not offer knife-making advice, instruction or assistance. However, below are some instructional videos which we have found to be very helpful.

Knife-Making Resources and Information:

VIDEO: Step-by-step instructions for turning a damascus billet into a completed knife. (Customer created video)
VIDEO: Glue Tips for Attaching a Handle
VIDEO: How to Attach a Handle Pieces on a Knife (8:25 onward)
VIDEO: How to Put A Knife Handle on Your Knife Step-By-Step
VIDEO: Knife Handle Pins (Different Ways to Attach Handles)
VIDEO: Acid Etching Damascus Knife Blades
VIDEO: About Different Knife Handle Materials
VIDEO: How to Field Dress a Deer
WEBSITE: Knife Anatomy, Parts & Names by Jay Fisher

We also recommend searching youtube.com to find videos for help in making your knife.

If you have a question that is not answered above, you may contact us here: wholeearthsupply@gmail.com

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