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Drop Point 1095 Carbon Steel Hidden Tang Knife Blank Knives Blades +Brass Guard

Drop Point 1095 Carbon Steel Hidden Tang Knife Blank Knives Blades +Brass Guard

Drop Point 1095 Carbon Steel Hidden Tang Knife Blank Knives Blades +Brass Guard Drop Point 1095 Carbon Steel Hidden Tang Knife Blank Knives Blades +Brass Guard 
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Model: H-BLANK-42-1095-BRASS

This beautiful blade is handmade from high quality 1095 steel

1095 is a high carbon steel (not a stainless steel) and is commonly used in heavy duty tools. It can carry an extremely sharp edge. 1095 makes great steel for heavy duty choppers and survival knives because of its extreme durability and resistance to chipping, easy sharpening and edge retention. It is much tougher than premium stainless steels. Because it is a high carbon steel, it is very important to keep it clean and oiled. Take extra care to store a knife made of 1095 out of its sheath (this is a good idea for all knives) and keep a thin layer of lubricant on the steel when not in use.

This knife blank is custom designed by us and 100% hand-forged.

The solid brass bolster (finger guard) will require polishing and/or buffing. Brass bolster is fitted to the tang. Brass pins are not required to attach the guard. Your handle will hold the brass guard in place.


Drop Point Blade Style
6.6 inches Approximate Overall Length
3.5 inches Approximate Cutting Edge Length
2.2 inches Approximate Handle Length
1.3 inches Widest Part of Blade

0.5 inch Handle Width (partial/hidden tang style)
4mm (1/8 inch) Thick Approximately
Steel Construction: 1095 high carbon steel
Blade comes sharpened. A final edge may be applied for an even sharper razor edge.

This is a stock photo of the item. It is not the exact blank you will receive. Each item may vary and measurements may vary as each blank is custom hand-made.

As this blank is made with high carbon steel which is prone to rusting, small flecks of rust may appear on the blade. These can be rubbed out with out any simple metal polish. We do our best to keep the blanks completely rust-free, but due to the nature of the metal, this is not always 100% possible.

This makes a great holiday gift, Christmas present, gift for your father, mancrate, man crates, father's day gift, surprise for your husband, mens, guys, men, mens gift. It is great for hunting, skinning, camping, hobbyists, do it yourself, diy, outdoors men.

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